Science, Magic & Illusions

“Magicocktail®” used for operational marketing? Yes, because the concept “Magicocktail®” incorporates the indispensable ingredients and references of magic, techniques commonly used by advertisers. Our goal is to increase the traffic in your shopping malls and points of sale by offering a dynamic human animation, and connect it with the image of your brand.

Cocktail recipe: Relax, dream, surprise and entertain

This development leads in increasing the number of visitors and the attractiveness in your trading area. It is an additional link added to your actions to improve and make everyday life more enjoyable. The key to marketing is, above all, strengthen the relationship with your customers and offer a better image of your brand. Magicocktail® contributes to this. Take pleasure in visiting this website to discover an animated exhibition that has already proven itself in many shopping centers in France and abroad. Magicocktail®, in constant evolution, brings together all the ingredients of magic: unusual, magical and playful … to be consumed without moderation!

"Hoping to make you dream more and more, I share my passion with you”